Fostering Inclusivity
and Resilience
in Housing in Africa

MAY 12 - 14, 2022

Virtual & in-person from Nairobi, Kenya


The first ever Africa Housing Forum will be taking place in-person and virtually from the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi from 12 to 14 May 2022, hosted by Habitat for Humanity International, in collaboration with partner organizations and institutions. The Housing Forum will involve practitioners and stakeholders who will come together to tackle issues, discuss solutions and promote low-cost, affordable housing as a driver of economic growth in the African region. Registration is free for all participants.

Participants who wish to attend the forum in person will be subject to catering of their own accommodation costs and any other complementary expenses.

About the Innovation Awards

The Africa Housing Forum Innovation Awards are aimed at affordable housing solutions across multiple sectors that address housing needs across Africa. The focus of these awards will be to promote and reward initiatives that address real need and provide affordable, disaster-resilient, inclusive, and sustainable solutions with an added lens of COVID-19 pandemic considerations. The awards will have three categories: ShelterTech, Public Policies and Best Practices.

The entries for the Africa Housing Forum Innovation Awards 2022 are now closed.

We are happy to announce the top 12 finalists for the Africa Housing Forum Innovation Awards.

Fostering Inclusivity
and Resilience
Housing in Africa

The current state of housing highlights the urgent need for solutions in building truly sustainable and adequate housing through inclusive approaches. Moreover, the pandemic has shown that adequate and decent housing is central to public health. There is now an opportunity to place housing at the centre of economic recovery. Inclusive housing strategies that can trigger multiplier effects on inclusive economic growth, by providing safety and security while generating employment and consumption are critical.

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